Web Designer Affiliate Marketing

Web designer affiliate marketing is one of the leading ways web designers can make money through web hosting affiliate programs. Keep reading for tips on using your web designing skills to promote web hosting affiliate programs and start making money online.

There are certain times and locations where product placement and promotion just makes more sense – expensive hairspray at a beauty salon, Gatorade at a sporting event, and web hosting at a web designers site.  When you have a captive audience with an expressed interest in a product or service, it's Marketing 101 to offer them something similar that they will need as a ride along.  How much more likely is your client with a sparkly new web site going to be in the market for a top-notch web host than just any pedestrian user on the Internet?  In many cases these same clients would want your recommendations on a quality web host anyhow, and by partnering with a web host through their affiliate program you can mediate your connections to both the client and web host to the benefit of both parties involved and be rewarded for your work.

Web hosting affiliate programs are among the most profitable in the field and this is chiefly because they are among the most competitive.  As a web designer, you're in superior position to locate potential referrals than someone trolling traffic with a pop-up ad since you are dealing with clients on a daily basis in the market for web hosting services.  These referrals could make you $50 to $200 dollars a sign up depending on the web host, the duration of referrals' services, the number of referrals you bring to the table, and other factors.  All things considered web host affiliation could result in lucrative enterprise by using the tools already at your disposal.

Finding the Right Web Host
If you are going to make recommendations to paying clients than you better have a web host you can stand by or it may damage your future relations with that client and the potential business they may recruit.  On the other hand, if you are an affiliate for a solid web host, the referrals your referrals make or sub-referrals will earn you additional commissions.  For that reason, and the sanctity of your integrity it's worth doing some homework to make sure you're not only joining an affiliate program that fits your style but your standards.

There are two sides to consider.  First, is this a well-rated, established, and customer friendly web host.  Second, is this a well-rated, established, affiliate friendly web host.  Take a close look at their commission scales and if their pay outs match your expectations.  Other factors to consider are their marketing tools, tracking systems, support, security and fraud safeguards.  Also are you working with an affiliate network or directly with a merchant.  This could influence your ability to negotiate commissions if you are working more one-on-one with a web host, but tracking and fraud prevention are usually more fool-proof with a network.

Personal Stamp of Approval
The biggest tool in your arsenal as a web designer affiliate for a web host is your personal stamp of approval and your authority on the subject.  Think about if you were shopping around for a new car and started reading reviews.  Who are you most likely to trust?  Probably it's the reviewer with the most reputable background or proven track record and/or the person with nothing to gain.  As a web host affiliate you're someone who works in the field everyday but is not a direct employee - you possess both qualities.  The most successful affiliate programs are those who can capitalize on the power of personal recommendations.

A few things to keep in mind as you make your recommendations.  First, keep it short, readable and don't try to oversell the web host.  Even a loyal customer will click away if the content gets to heavy or technical.  Just highlight the main selling points and move along.  If your personal recommendation and authority on the subject are the main selling points then the rest is just a basic overview of services.  Use little tricks of the trade like subheadings, keywords, and keep it visually clean and content clear.  Also, they are relying on your objectivity and experience, and spreading on the sells pitch too thick will be a warning sign that your sincerity is up for sale. By the same token use your hyperlinks with discretion and anchor them in key places like the top and bottom then a smattering throughout the whole web site.

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