Promote Hosting via Forums

This article explain how to promote hosting via forums. Once you have become an affiliate of a web hosting company you may wish to consider promoting your web hosting affiliation through forums. Keep reading for tips on driving traffic to your affiliates via forums.

If you are promoting a web hosting company as an affiliate or as a business don't overlook a great resource in forums or message boards.  Forums are discussion sites that are the technological equivalent to bulletin boards wherein users can post tutorials, reviews, questions, polls, and correspond with other users.


Although for the most part forum content is user-generated, they are administered by a creator or moderator who takes care of the technical aspects as well as sets-up and follows through on content guidelines.  Nearly every forum also has links where you can report abuses or inappropriate posts.  Depending on the forum, the administrator may direct the topics and play an active role in content or have varying degrees of involvement to no visible participation at all.  It's common practice for most web hosting forums to require some type of registration to participate and comment.  It typically requires little more than an email address, username and password.  Some forums will even throw in extra tools upon registration like a personal blog  (like Wordpress software)or forum, extended profile, resume posting, free links, photo galleries, auctions, and the like. To ensure, a viable forum administrators will offer incentives for posting with referrals, domains, prizes, and some even offer rewards or contests for readership.

Your posts are credited to your username which can give you a level of anonymity if you would rather post as guy-off-the-street. So sly, but oh so common to the point that nearly every forum participants is wary of the idea that a post's rave review is just a salesman in disguise.  To that extent, you may want to go with the straight-up approach, identifying yourself as an affiliate or associate of said web host.  At least, be objective and helpful in your posts.  If you get slammed by forum comments about your transparent attempts to make a sale or if you oversell the product or provide excessive links then your creative new approach results in little success.          


The nice thing about using a forum to promote a web host is that you've tapped into a niche demographic where you have an audience already interested in your product or the related field.  It might not provide as broad of an audience of some forms of advertising like a pop-up ad or banner, but you've drastically increased your chances for making an impression on a pool of potential customer much more likely to take action or be interested in your message. 

There also are a mix of forums that apply to different audiences.  There are forums that cater to business or individuals looking for a web host, web host professionals, web host affiliates, web host administrators, the world at large, you get the idea.  You can write your content for a specific audience that might be intend for an exclusive discussions among a few professional specialist to a mass of thousands of readers from around the world.

You may want to investigate forums and see the different type of personalities and niches all ready out there.  If you're happy just participating on other forums there are numerous possibilities to try out different approaches and contents.  If you're interested in starting your own forum there are programs available which require little to no technical expertise and are relatively painless to construct.

Driving Traffic         

Forums can be a valuable tool to attract search engine traffic or direct traffic to your affiliate and merchant sites. It gains exposure for your web host and if optimized well, can attract visitors searching for information on web hosts or better yet looking to sign with a new web host.

Forums also build trust between you and the reader.  They give you a personal voice and let you utilize a conversational tone in promoting your web host instead of asking someone to blindly click on a link.  Your forum posts also can be used as reference points that can continually promote your web host. If you offer valuable or helpful information readers will value your opinions and remember what you have to say.  Even if they aren't ready to sign up with your web host immediately, they may recall it later when they are.

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