Negotiating Affiliate Commissions

Once you have established a relationship with specific web hosting affiliate programs and you have proven your affiliate abilities you may wish to consider negotiating affiliate commissions. Keep reading for tips on negotiating affiliate commission to make more money online.

If you've figured out primarily how the affiliate program for your web host works and are seeing positive results, it may be time to renegotiate your contract or at least consider other payment options. Believe it or not, web hosts are willing to negotiate higher bounties for affiliates who do volume sales.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Cash
The first thing to do is talk to your affiliate representative, if that is possible, and establish a one-on-one relationship.  When dealing with an affiliate clearinghouse or other outsourced program it may be difficult to establish a more personal association, but making a connection, getting noticed, and putting a name with the affiliate gets your foot in the door.

Still the best way to get notice is to get results.  Get your name to the top of affiliate performance lists, show improvements, make steady increases, and deliver solid referrals.  This is the best kind of noise to make and the most effective way to get noticed. If the web host is aware of you and your track record, then starting negotiations or at least a dialogue about commission increase becomes all that much easier.  If you are making a merchant money, your services become more valuable and you have more ammunition for your argument.

Not to overstate the obvious, but you also need to ask.  Don't expect for the web host to come to you with fists full of cash begging you to take it.  In a professional and reasonable request, state your evidence for a commission increase and consider what they can offer without damaging the positive relationship.  For some this type of conversation is no sweat, for others it's a waking nightmare, but if you are truly a valuable asset, don't be afraid to seek reward for all your hard work.

Consider Commission Options
Many web hosting companies offer different payment options.  For example, some will pay a straight finder's fee for every sign up (i.e. $50-150) or you can opt for a percentage of the sales you make (5-10%).  As you become established as an affiliate with consistently productive referrals, it may be time to consider switching from one or the other to increase your earnings.

In addition, many merchants work from a sliding scale or tiered commission meaning the more referrals you make the higher your take home.  Whether or not your web host uses this type of incentive, it's a common enough industry practice that after you show improvements its legitimate grounds for negotiating higher commissions.

Performance bonuses fall under the same category.  As a regular part of many web host affiliate programs, discuss with your web host representative about improvements or new ideas that you have to drive traffic and increase referrals.  These types of opportunities open the door to discussions about what they are willing to do to reward your efforts, and don't forget to ask about performance bonuses even if they aren't already part of the program.

Sometimes is not necessarily rounding up more referrals but making the most of the customers you've already found. Other areas of interest that you could discuss with your merchant if they don't already offer these types of incentives are back end commissions.  For example, if you land a particularly profitable referral who not only signs up for web host services, but also buys shopping cart software that your merchant offers, and an SSL certificate, will you receive commission on those sales also?  What about a smaller percentage of their recurring payments for the life of the customers' patronage of the web host.  What if your referrals results in other referrals? Ask about compensation for your part in building this network of customers.

Another area of conversation you might need to have if your web host has a rather brief window of opportunity for your referrals to take action is to extend the shelf life of your cookies.  A health 60 to 90 day extension for your referrals to respond is a fair amount of time to ensure that you get your due commission.

Keep in mind that none of these suggestions are unheard of in the affiliate web host program.  All of the practices mentioned in this article are already in play by one merchant or another and simply inquiring about your options could result in higher commissions to reward your good work.

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