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Making money online is easy with web hosting affiliate programs. This article compares particating in web hosting affiliate programs versus other types of programs. Keep reading to the the pros and cons of using affiliate programs to market web hosting.

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs are second party promotion of a web host which compensates another website or affiliate for signing up new customers by advertising on the affiliate's website.  This seems like a simple advertising formula, market your product where people are already shopping for similar products or with exposure to high traffic volume.  In theory it's a win-win situation for both parties.

For web hosts who are swimming in shark infested waters of cut-throat competition, what better ally then someone else to promote your business.  If an affiliate is able to sign up new customers, they receive a commission, and currently web hosts pay one of, if not the highest, finder's fee for affiliate generated sales.  Web hosts currently compensating with a base price of anywhere from $25 to $200 per sign-up.  The high incentive for the affiliate more than pays for itself in the business plan of the web host who now has recurring funds from a monthly paying customer who may also upgrade or add services upping their potential profitability.

Although web hosting affiliate programs may sound like a potential cash cow for your Internet money making strategies, it is also a complicated and competitive field.  There are basic principles which will help you find success and hopefully steady cash earnings by administering an affiliate website for a web hosting company.

One of your first considerations is what type of affiliate platform you are more likely to find success in using.  There are two ends of the spectrum.  The more advanced and therefore, more returns is creating a website or blog for the sole purpose of ranking, reviewing or otherwise offering up discussion about web hosts.  These types of web sites can either do a review or ranking on a bevy of web sites covering a list of features like cost, compatibility, auxiliary services, set-up, support, and other selling points or rather do a thorough review of a single web host.

In either case it's advisable to not be heavy handed in your favoritism.  A critical consumer will quickly see through the transparencies of a reviewer in the back pocket of particular web host.  In the end, honesty and objectivity will win you more trust, more loyalty, and more return customers.  If your website offers advice and information that is useful and accurate you will ultimately be more profitable.

A more subtle, or you could label it backdoor, or leisurely approach is just posting a banner, link, or information seeking advertisement on your existing website.  The website could revolve around a related theme, product, or audience which is more likely to strike a cord with potential web host customers (i.e. site design, website software, website support).  Still if you're not so keen in investing the time, effort, and money into developing a new or related website for your affiliate and your approach is more laidback or let's face it, lazy, what can it hurt to simply try your luck; any website you administer could bring in a couple sign ups and in this case, something is better than nothing.

In either scenario, your potential earnings will be greatly impacted by the quality of web host you align with in your affiliate program.  There are more factors to consider than just who will dangle the juiciest carrot or pay the highest commission per sign-up.  It's advisable to consider first as possible candidates the established affiliate programs that have easily accessible and available tracking systems.  The big dogs rule the web for good reason, usually because they're the best.  A sound reputation, quality services, and a winning sales pitch, will far increase your customer sign up sales than your well designed web page reviewing the virtues of a sub-par web hosting company.

Also take into advisement the quality of the web hosting company's site and responsiveness to interested users.  It would be a crying shame to invest your time and money into creating a smart and winning blog, only to direct traffic to a real dud of a web site or worse yet, a web host who can't close the deal once you get the potential customer within sight of the finish line.  Do your research and put yourself in the shoes of the customer when checking out web host services and websites.

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