Best Web Hosting Affiliates

When choosing to participate in web hosting affiliate programs you will want to decide on a number of the best web hosting affiliates for your business. The best web hosting company for you may differ from others. Keep reading for tips on finding the best affiliates for you.

As an affiliate marketer, your success is directly linked to the validity of the product you are promoting.  As a web host affiliate you are among the most competitive and highly rewarded of the affiliate crowd.  Keeping both of these factors in mind, it is well worth the effort you put into thoroughly researching the numerous web hosts until you feel confident you are teaming with web hosts that are compatible with your standards and skills.

One of the greatest aspects of working as an affiliate is that for the most part you are free to select your own boss and the company you want.  Don't squander that unique opportunity by making a short-sided or uninformed decision.  Earnestly explore your options and be honest in the evaluation you make of your own abilities and commitment to being a web host affiliate.  This research and self-inventory will give you the starting point from which you can make a list of the top web hosts.

Go with a Winning Team
As an affiliate it's easier to make more money when you're backing a sound web host with competitive rates and excellent services.  Not only are you that much more likely to make a sale, but depending on the commission situation, you can receive commissions down the road for referring a long-term customer or a customer who refers other people to the web host. It also makes it easier to sleep at night when you're backing a web host you like and feel confident recommending, particularly if you are producing an affiliate web site with reviews or rankings.  Your web site legitimacy will increase as you receive positive feedback about your recommendations and advice.

Don't assume that a winning team only refers to the biggest or priciest web hosts.  A good web host is one with a sound reputation who has been around long enough to build a reputation.  Web hosting affiliates make top dollar commissions and it's due to the extremely competitive nature of the field.  This type of environment means plenty of Internet buzz about what merchants can deliver.  Use this mass chatter to your advantage and read the reviews, rankings, and message boards until you know what direction you will take.

Honest Self-Evaluation
Your own abilities and commitment to signing on as a web host affiliate will dictate what merchant you should pursue.  Every web hosting company offers different affiliate pricing, products, and programs.  If you are technically capable then customer support is less of an issue than those who need that safety net.  By the same token, skills in design, search engine placement, security, marketing, or writing will affect the web host you partner with.  For example, some web host offer 100s of templates to design a web site and others offer an affiliate advisor who will review your web site and offer helpful critiques and advice. If your savvy tends to run to the other side of the spectrum, then freedom to market the web host with your own spin and creative freedom may be a more appealing factor.  In that case, some of the best web hosting providers will let you create your own unique deals and promo codes to sale the product.

The other question to ask yourself is how long are you willing to wait out the affiliate pay day?  This may take patience and some investment up front before you see any major results.  If you are just testing the waters by adding a banner or pop-up ad to make a few bucks versus making this into a full-fledged source of income, it impact which web host program is going to pay the best dividends.

A great example of how your time frame will affect your decision making is to consider the commission scale from an industry leader, Globat whose GoFlex Affiliate program pays a rather low-end commission of $55 for sign up. But, after each annual renewal of this referral you earn $65-$80 in additional commission. You reach a total of $200 in commission at the end of a three year renewal period. Compare this with DreamHost who offers a straight commission where you earn 10 percent of everything your referral pays for the duration of their contract, and 5 percent of any sub-referrals or referrals from your referral.  Their other option is even more streamlined, $97 for every referral and $5 for sub-referrals.

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